Caste: Zenith
Anima Banner:
Limit: Seeing suffering and not helping.
Supernal: Bureaucracy

Intimacies & Social Influence

  • Defining Principle: “No-one should suffer poverty”
  • Major Principle: “The allure of wealth is hard to resist”
  • Major Tie The city of Nexus (Cautious respect)
  • Minor Principle: “Riches are better than truth”
  • Minor Tie: Ronon Kahl (Respect)
  • Minor Tie: The poor and downtrodden (Guilty responsibility)

Appearance 3, Resolve 3, Guile 4


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 5, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3


Archery 2, Athletics 1, Bureaucracy (deal making) 5, Craft (?) 1, Dodge, Integrity 2, Larceny 4, Linguistics (caligraphy) 5, Lore 1, Medicine (first aid) 3, Performance 1, Presence 3, Resistance 1, Sail 1, Socialize (etiquette) 3, Survival 1


  • Contacts 3: Business contacts in Nexus.
  • Followers 2: Merchant company.
  • Influence 3: Through investments and contacts in Nexus and the Scavenger Lands.
  • Resources 3: Income from business dealings in Nexus.
  • Retainer 2: Ronon Kahl, skilled mortal bodyguard.


Essence: 1 (Personal pool 13, Peripheral 33)
Willpower: 5
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap.


Join Battle: 3
Evasion/Parry: 2/2
Soak/Hardness: 5/0

Flame piece: 9 dice at short range (Damage 11).
Unarmed: 7 dice (Damage 9).

Notable Equipment
Flame piece, concealed chain shirt under well-tailored robes



  • Consumer Evaluating Glance [3m; Reflexive; Instant] Evaluate a buyer’s intention and budget with a glance.
  • Deft Official’s Way [5m; Reflexive; One scene] Add Bureaucracy to all Read Intentions actions to acquire bureaucratic results.
  • Frugal Merchant Method [1m; Simple; Instant] Know quality of an object with a glance.
  • Insightful Buyer Technique [3m; Simple; Instant] Know the value of an object at a glance.


  • Clever Bandit’s Rook [2m; Supplemental; Instant] Convinve another that an item or structure belongs to you.
  • Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise [6m; Simple; Until sleep] Flawless disguise capable of extreme changes in appearance.
  • Preying on Uncertainty Approach [3m; Reflexive; Instant] Instinctively know a gap in another’s knowledge that you can exploit to explain your presence.
  • Seasoned Criminal Method [Permanent] Assume different aspects of criminal nature for various effects.
  • Spurious Presence [6m; Reflexive; One scene] Blend in as long as you dress and behave as expected.


  • Food-Gathering Exercise (Survival) [3m; Simple; One hour] Gather food in the wild.
  • Listener Swaying Arguement (Presence) [3m; Supplemental; Instant] Gain 1 auto success on instill or persuade, and extra dice if target’s Resolve is boosted.
  • Mastery of Small Manners (Socialise) [5m; Reflexive; One scene] Instinctively adapt to a host culture, understanding basic customs and avoiding faux pas.
  • Ox-Body Technique (Resistance) [Permanent] Gain extra Health Levels.
  • Strange Tongue Understanding (Linguistics) [1m; Reflexive; Instant] Understand one statement regardless of language.
  • Wise Arrow (Archery) [1m; Supplemental; Instant; Uniform] Reduce heavy or light cover or target’s Defence by 1. Aim to count full cover as only +3 Defence.
  • Wound-Mending Care Technique (Medicine) [5m, 1wp; Simple, Instant] Apply medical aid that heals (Roll Int+Medicine, double 9s) wounds.


Experience: 10 (1 unspent)
Solar Experience: 2 (0 unspent)
Advancements Purchased: Archery 2 (3 xp), Wise Arrow Charm (8 xp)



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